How do you say

"doing something

like this"?

What can you learn

from exploring languages

through art?

How can you sit down

with a friend and teach

each other your languages?

When and how do people

need to make up new words

for new things?

Have you ever had this experience when speaking another language - You get scared, your brain freezes, and you suddenly can't remember anything you've learned?

Learn how to you bring yourself back "into" your body by using your body!

If you want to learn how to do this quickly, check out our 10-Day Challenge below!

Have you ever tried to collage or otherwise artistically depict vocabulary items or grammar patterns to help you learn a language?

Learn how to use collage and other art forms to understand how grammar patterns work and help you learn vocabulary.

This is a peek at one time I did this.

Have you ever sat down with a friend who speaks another language and tried to teach each other your respective languages?

What if you could do this easily while playing a game that shows you the underlying beauty in every language?

Have you ever encountered completely new situations in everyday life in which you and the people around you need to come up with new language to talk about what's happening?

How do groups of people do this? Do you form a committee? Do you extend the meanings of existing words?

Language revitalization communities grapple with this on a daily basis.

A True Shields / Wannabe Bilingual Production